People often ask me what type of photographer I am and I think it’s safe to say I’m a portrait guy. I tend to work with a mixed bag of clients; from Entrepreneurs to Actors and everything in between and have a relaxed and organic process when it comes to getting the best out of people. I've been lucky enough to have some of my work featured in a few coffee table glossies; and on the weekend I dabble in fine art work for clients looking for something off the beaten track.

Here's what the critics think (haha):
"Melbourne based photographer, Steven Granger, challenges our idea of what beautiful is; his work is emotive, melancholic and raw, looking beyond the surface to reveal something hidden and unexpected. He has a special talent for the dark, the ethereal, and the otherwise unseen. His work captures a moment, an atmosphere or an emotion and bears his particular signature.”

Publications: Archer Magazine, Gourmet Traveler, The Age Home Style Magazine, Inside Magazine, Tait, Yellow Trace, Australian Design Review.

Exhibitions: Company of Men 2016, Inquisitarium - Midsumma Festival 2015, Open - Brunswick Street Gallery 2014.